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About So good!

Find out why nature is so important to us!

Nature is a conscious choice

With the passing of time and our willingness to learn more about healthy lifestyles, so good! has committed to constantly evolve its products but keep its mission statement the same.


We strive to make products free of any artificial additives, fillers or chemicals. Information found on our labels is clear and transparent with simple ingredients listed. With clear conscience and pure joy we can say that the so good! brand is “clean label – That’s Guilt free”.

Guilty free

So good! is simple recipe, good fats, no added sugars, interesting, healthy flour mixes and superfood extracts, which supplement diets with healthy ingredients. We invite you to try our ready made snacks.


We take time and care when choosing high quality ingredients and after thousands of taste tests we assure you – the flavour compositions and nutritional benefits are phenomenal. We want future generation to get an interesting, fun alternative to mainstream sweets and snacks and to exposes them to new flavour and consistency’s. We hope so good! will replace the popular products full of sugars, unhealthy fats and artificial additives.

What's in the pot?

Our products and powder selections are ideal and variable, to be used any time of the day for your food preparation.


What’s more, – we show you how versatile our pastes, butters, mixes and superfoods are. Get inspired with great, healthy food and wake your curiosity for new flavours. It's a platform where we will share our ideas and eco friendly solutions for everyday life. It’s a place where we all share recipes, ideas and reflections. We want to create so good!® with you!

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